Donald Perkins

Founder and President of According To Prophecy ministries. He has devoted nearly 35 years to the study of God's Word with a focus on Bible Prophecy. He has served as an assistant pastor and taught on the subject of Bible Prophecy at several Bible Colleges and Bible Training Centres. He travels extensively as a well respected speaker on Bible Prophecy for conferences, seminars, Bible studies and local churches.


Dr. Rob Lindsted

Author, International Bible Conference Speaker & former professor of Engineering. Principal and Superintendent of 'Sunrise Christian Academy and International Schools for 20+ years. President of "Milk & Honey Ministries". Missions include Burma & Jamaica, etc.



Eric Barger

Since 1983...
Eric Barger has crisscrossed North America teaching and evangelizing. His "no compromise" discernment based messages have been heard in numerous conferences, churches, and Bible colleges across a wide spectrum of denominations.The author of several books and countless articles, Eric has been a voice of biblical truth through hundreds of radio, television and print interviews including Fox News, USA Today and Time Magazine. First hosting his own weekly Take A Stand! Radio Broadcast, Eric now co-hosts"Understanding The Times" Radio with author and popular commentator Jan Markell.


John Plantz

John is Married to Irene for 37 years.
He preaches in Canada and the United States in Churches and Conferences teaching the Gospel of JESUS Christ, 
with The Friends of Israel Gospel ministry which is a world wide Christian ministry communicating Biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah while fostering solidarity with the Jewish people. 


Daniel Bowers

Daniel is the second oldest of 13 children. Daniel was raised until the age of 10 by his mother (a single parent). At 10 years of age, he became a ward of the State of Pennsylvania. He and four other brothers and one sister were sent away to a state-run residential school with 500 other students, where Daniel remained until he graduated from high school at the age of 18. Daniel holds a Ph.D. in Christian Counselling and Doctor of Ministry in Theology. He has served as the pastor of several Baptist churches and the director of two Christian counseling centres. Daniel has over thirty-five years of academic teaching, classroom experience, and conference speaking. He has taught several different courses at both a university and Bible college level. Daniel has also taught numerous times at various universities in China. His main focus today is to help struggling churches and pastors succeed in their desire to reach the unsaved of the world and to help strengthen members of the local church in their doctrinal beliefs and practices. You can watch Daniel’s personal video testimony titled “My Journey Home” by visiting the following Vimeo website: