2013 Audio Files and 2014 Preparations


The audio files for the 2013 conference are now available on the media page.

Preparations for the 2014 conference are coming along nicely. The location will once again be the Zion church in Schanzenfeld. We are very grateful to have found a church that both supports the conference so whole-heartedly and has facilities that are so appropriate to our requirements.

All but one speaker have been confirmed. Art Sadlier will be returning, and Ray Yungen and Dave Dunn who have spoken here before will be back as well. Mike Attwood was asked but had a schedule conflict, so we booked him for 2015 to make sure he didn’t get away again! Please pray for God’s leading in providing the final speaker.

Wishing you all all the best for the summer season.


  1. Dennis Hildebrand says

    A note of appreciation to the guys from your area who came out to the Winnipeg conference, this past wk-end;

    they helped us out in various ways, through-out the conference; their enthusiasm is contagious!!!

    We are blessed to have had them out in recent years, to be part of the action!!

    I hope to attend your conference in April, 2014. Blessings(: dennis h

  2. Frank Kroeker says

    Thank for sending me the 2014 conference schedule/brochure. I have been so blessed in attending some previous Conference sessions.
    I expect to be there again in April, the Lord willing, and bring a few friends along. We will also put the announcement in our church bulletin (Rosenort EMC).
    Could you lease send us at least a dozen more brochures to hand out to some interested-ones? Thank you.
    Frank Kroeker

    • admin says

      Good to hear! We’ll get some sent your way right away.

      For anyone else that wants extra brochures, contact us through the site or by phone and we will send.

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