2015 Audio Files

Thank you all for your support for another year!

Audio files for the 2015 conference have been uploaded and can be found on the media page.


  1. Rick says


    Apparently some of the audio recordings don’t seem to be working correctly. Perhaps someone could check into it. Thank you.

    They are the following:

    Mike Attwood – Overview of Numbers
    Mike Attwood – New Testament Warnings Concerning Balaam
    Mike Attwood – The Lead Up To The Prophecies
    Mike Attwood – The Remarkable Prophecies
    Mike Attwood – The End of Balaam Contrasted with Phinehas

    David Hocking – What is Bible Prophecy?
    David Hocking – The Day of the Lord is Coming
    David Hocking – Are These the Days of Noah?
    David Hocking – Is There Any Hope for Israel?
    David Hocking – The Comfort of God’s Word

    • admin says

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The links have been fixed and should all be working now.

  2. George agger says

    Just found your 2015 conference and have been listening to them . Thank you for them and putting them online

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